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Visiting the World's Largest Ice Cave

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

A great day trip from Salzburg, I attempt to highlight everything you need to know about a visit to Eisriesenwelt.

Updated: 20/09/2018

While there is a website dedicated to the ice cave, I found it lacking information about about getting to the ice cave from Salzburg by train, so as I am known to do, I lucked my way through the process and documented it for you. Hopefully this helps provide some insight into visiting Eisriesenwelt as a backpacker, but first a few things to note.

  1. Filming and photos are not allowed inside the cave. The photos on this page are provided by the cave to interested parties.

  2. Its an ice cave so its cold. Bring a jacket and maybe gloves and hat.

  3. It does require a fair amount of walking both to get to the cave and on the tour, so pack warm clothes in a backpack so you aren't sweating when you get there.

  4. Be prepared for the huge wind gust at the entrance, winds here can get to 100 km/hr

Low Season (May, June, September, October)

I visited Eisriesenwelt in September so note this is during low season. I am going to write this from the perspective of getting on the last tour of the day, the 15:45 tour, because thats what I did by pure luck. Going anytime during the day before this, the process will be the same just the travel windows less important. High season also allows an extra hour each day to visit the cave.


Some step-by-step directions

  1. Depart from Salzburg Main Station on the S3 line, last possible train at 13:21 and arrives at Werfen Station at ~14:15.

  2. Round-trip tickets cost ~18 euros

  3. Ice Cave Mini Bus picks up outside station and drops off at visitor center. Bus was waiting for the train when I visited. Otherwise walk 5 minutes to Station Parkplatz Gries where the bus departs every 25 minutes.

  4. Round-trip ticket cost 7 euros

  5. At the visitor center, purchase a round-trip cable car and cave tour ticket for 24 euros. Last cable car is 15:20 in low season.

  6. Enjoy the hike to the mouth of the cave, but make sure to check last tour time at 15:45 during low season.

  7. The tour takes about an hour and a half!

Total Cost: ~50 euros



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