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Staying in Ljubljana's Prison Hostel

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Ever wanted to know the feeling of sleeping behind bars but not into breaking the law?

Updated: 20/09/2018

Meet Hostel Celica’s, a military prison turned into a hip, boutique hostel. Equipped with a bar, art gallery and solitary confinement chamber, yep you read that right, Hostel Celica’s is truly the most unique hostel I’ve ever stayed in. The brightly colored building is almost easy to miss amongst the in your face, loudly colored, heavily graffitied buildings of the surrounding neighborhood. Once inside, you will be greeted by the awesome staff at the front desk. Make sure to ask about the free building tour they provide daily at 14:00 to learn more about the history and design of the building. On Tuesdays at 9 pm, the outdoor area is converted to a concert hall for a local band, so if you are around make sure to check that out!

Making your way to the second level is where you will find the old prison cells turned boutique private rooms. The owner of the building breathed new life into the old cells with the design of the hostel. Each cell was assigned to a different group of architects and artist to create a totally unique design for each. You can check out the individual cells here! Beyond the jail cell door which greets you when you arrive to your room, no two rooms are the alike. These rooms serve as private rooms, so I’m sorry to my budget backpacker friends out there, you will have to pony up a little more if you want to stay in these. Don’t worry though, during the walking tour, you will get to visit any of the currently unoccupied rooms. My favorite from my tour, the room designed to replicate the human eye, with a floating round bed creating the iris.

One more floor up you will find the dorms, communal kitchen and laundry rooms reminding your for the first time that you are in fact in a hostel and not upscale b&b. I say this not because the upstairs isn’t as well laid out as the first two floors, but because those are the things that define a hostel compared to other accommodations and until this point its easy to forget where you are. The dorms were designed with the same level of care as the rest of the building and include comfortable beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Hopefully this is the first, best, and only time you sleep behind bars! Enjoy.

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