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Slovenia's Most Iconic Sunrise Photo

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

The sunrise over Lake Bled, Slovenia is one of the most iconic and photographed things in the country, and for good reason, but hiking to the viewpoints discussed below are a must do for any trip to Bled, regardless of the time of day. This article is just going to discuss and contrast the different viewpoints for capturing your shot.

Updated: 15/09/2018

Before jumping into the details here, I want to cover a few basic points I discovered during my time in Bled.

Point 1: Both viewpoints start from the same trailhead and diverge as they go up the hill. Point 2: The hills are steep and rocky. Be prepared to sweat a little on your way up and have sturdy shoes on.

Point 3: Bring water, a light snack if you are going for sunrise, your camera/tripod or whichever capture method you choose (a guy did have a drone up there so he was able to land it somehow, though I'm not sure where as theres no flat surface available), and if you are doing it for IG, your "nice clothes" in a backpack.

Point 4: Arrive early and establish your shot, the viewpoints are not large and can get crowded quickly.

Ojstrica Viewpoint

The trail to the viewpoint can be accessed from the lakeshore pedestrian path by foot or bike, though I recommend locking your bike at the bottom of the trail because you will not be able to make it up the hill on it. For people in vehicles, there is no street parking adjacent the entrance to the hike, but a small parking lot up the hill a few 100 feet is available, but space is limited. The trailhead (Google Maps Street View) begins as a dirt driveway for both pedestrians and vehicles until shortly after the parking lot where it narrows to a rocky, moderately strenuous hike towards the base of the peak. Following the trail, about 10 minutes you will arrive at a wooden post directing you to turn right to reach Ojstrica (Continuing straight past this post is another way to reach the second viewpoint, Mala Osojnica). Once at the top, you will probably be happy to see a bench to sit down and rest your feet at. The view from here is square to the church tower and has the town of Bled in-line directly behind the island. This is where i chose to spend my sunrise in Bled!

Mala Osojnica Viewpoint

Another 20 minutes past Ojstrica, Mala Osojnica Viewpoint provides a vast perspective of the lake comparatively. There are two ways to access Mala Osojnica, at the previously mentioned wooden post continuing straight will bring you up the back side of the peak. The other way is by splitting from the trail at the car parking lot and following the trail from there. The later provides a more difficult hike but also rewards you with an extra vantage point and some cool stairs to climb.If you brave the front approach to the viewpoint, you at the mid-point you will arrive at a rest place with a bench and the extra vantage point of the island. Unlike the other viewpoint, there is no bench at the top. Instead you are greeted with an incredible view of the lake from way above any other point and a railing to prevent stunned onlookers from walking off the edge. The photo below is an example of the view from Mala Osojnica viewpoint. Hope this helps you pick your spot for sunset over Lake Bled.

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