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Explore Madagascar: The West

An epic Journey to explore Tsingy National Park and the Avenue of the Baobabs

Updated: 22/11/2018

Lake Tritriva

The crater of this now extinct volcano now creates a beautiful lake of incredible blue water. Surrounded by cliffs for jumping from the Lake is a short drive from Antsirabe and makes a perfect stop to stop and swim.

THe Avenue of the Baobabs

One of my greatest surprises of my time in Madagascar was how few people were actually at the Avenue of the Baobabs. On my first trip to the Avenue (I eventually went 6 times, but thats a long & boring story), I woke up super early to make it by sunrise. This was in part to see the sunrise (worth it) and in part to avoid the crowds. To my surprise, the sun rose and we stayed around awhile and yet nobody else ever showed. This was a totally different story for sunset, which was still not as packed as expected but definitely drew a crowd. Below is a side-by-side of sunrise and sunset at Avenue of the Baobabs. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!!!

TSingy National ParkThe otherworldly landscape of Tsingy National Park is honestly not something I knew about before visiting Mada. I wanted to go west primarily to see the Avenue, but after learning about Tsingy I was all too happy to add it to the itinerary. Especially since I was going to catch one of the last few weeks its open (Closes late Nov./Early Dec.). The journey to the park was long, with a 6 hour drive along bumpy roads and two river crossings on make shift ferries. In the end, the journey was completely worth it.

Kirindy National ForestWith a day to spare before heading to Tsingy National Park, one of my fellow travelers and I decided to visit Kirindy National Forest to search for the elusive Fossa and Lemurs. We started a little late, so didn't see the Fossa which is usually active in the early morning but got to see lemurs. My first lemurs of Madagascar! Some even came down to say hi. Some of the photos below to Ben's (used with his permission)

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