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Explore Denmark: Cope is Dope

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

A quick few days in Scandinavia

Updated: 10/10/2018

I took a quick trip to Copenhagen to visit my friends Jesse and Natasha who I met in Santorini, Greece earlier this summer! Huge shout out to Jesse for hosting me during my time in Denmark. With only a day to explore the city, I had to jam a lot into one day. Here are the highlights of my day in Copenhagen.

1. Nyhavn

The colorful buildings host great cafes & restaurants along the canal make for a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee or beer when the weather is nice.

2. Freetown Christiania

There really is no where else quite like it. Freetown Christiania. Its famous for its flag, three yellow dots on a red background, and its open sale of cannabis. The neighborhoods origins as a self-governing community that allowed people to escape from social norms is still present today. You can feel the vibe change as soon as you walk through that gate.

3. Little Mermaid Statue

The symbol of Copenhagen! If you are lucky you might get to see it after its been vandalized, which apparently happens more often then you might think. The statue has been covered in paint, written on, blown up and even had its head cut off multiple times.

4. Trivoli GardenUnfortunately this was closed while I was visiting Copenhagen while they set up for Halloween, so I was only able to walk around the outside and peek through the fence to see inside.

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