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A Quick Lesson on Lederhosen

Not from Bavaria? Me either, so here are some things I learned from my first time at Oktoberfest.

Updated: 25/09/2018

Oktoberfest Mens Fashion

Time to dust off those Lederhosen. For guys, this is a serious business. My suggestion is to not skimp on this part. Buying halloween style cloth, or fake lederhosen on Amazon makes you an obvious target for taunting from true Bavarians. Though I'm no expert, here are some things I learned about dressing to impress for Oktoberfest.

Wearing a traditional pair of lederhosen and suspenders


The most commonly associated attire of Oktoberfest attendees. These are ornate leather pants with deer antler buttons and embroidered with elaborate patterns. While in America we often picture lederhosen as the complete set including the suspenders, the actual lederhosen is simply the bottom portion. Suspenders are simply the most common addition for tourist. Bundhosen is another name for longer length lederhosen which go all the way to the knee.

If you need to pick up a pair of lederhosen, I suggest a visit to Andreas Mehta Almenrausch at Tal 1 in the Marienplatz area. They offer a deal for lederhosen, shirt, socks and shoes for 199.90 euros. Looking for a cheaper or used pair? There are plenty of other shops around town which offer last minute Bavarian wear for all sizes.


The mark of a tourist, these suspenders are included in almost all pairs of lederhosen sold to tourist in the days leading up to Oktoberfest. Don't shy away from wearing them though as they are an important part of the attire and help you look the part. When lederhosen are worn with the suspenders its often matched with a red, blue or green checked shirt.

Miesbacher Jackets

Part of the traditional Trachten attire, these jackets are more often seen on older, more traditional Bavarian men and not on tourists. The jackets give a very distinct look and definitely catch the attention of those around the person who wears one, which they should since they tend to not be cheap.


Looking to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd? A wool vest is a great way to pull this off. A nice white collared shirt under your vest provides is a great way to stay warm and stylish on a cold Oktoberfest day. Just make sure you don't wear the suspenders too.


The Bavarians understand sweater weather like no others, and when it cools down at Weisn the sweater-collared shirt combo make a strong appearance. Not much needs to be added here except keep it knitted and keep it clean-cut.

The Hats

Hats are sold everywhere at Oktoberfest, including inside the tents by merchants walking around with them stacked high on their heads. Once you pick a hat that suits you, make sure to pick up a feather to adorn it with. Tradition has it the larger or more elaborate the feather, the better hunter you are.

The Hats Pins

These really aren't for tourists as much as locals, but I figured I would pass along what a local told me about them. As they were explained to me, the different metal pins worn in mens hats are a symbol of different activities or clubs he is involved in. Members of local organizations wear the pins with pride to show status, while some pins are passed down through generations and are worn to respect their heritage.

So yeah, as you can see there is a lot more to Oktoberfest fashion then the lederhosen shown in movies and in Halloween costumes. While I always recommend wearing traditional wear to Oktoberfest, you wont be alone if you decide to mix it up a bit. Take it from this guy who throw a twist on the traditional Bavarian wear.

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