"The Rose City"

The most iconic image of Jordan, and the reason for most peoples visit to the country is the lost city of Petra. Backpackers and tourist the world over travel to this small Jordanian city to get a chance to see the Treasury and Al-Deir Monastery. What most miss on their visit to the area is the sure size of the ancient city. Make sure to leave multiple days to explore it throughly.

Wadi Musa, the city outside the ancient city, supports all types of travelers. From camping accommodations and hostels for backpackers to luxury resorts and hotels. Once in Wadi Musa, walking is the primary form of transportation, though taxis and personal drivers can be arranged.


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Otherworldly Desert Landscapes

Wadi Rum is a protected desert area in southern Jordan. The area has historically been resided in by nomadic Bedouin tribes. Today these Bedouin Tribes are less nomadic, and have transitioned into hosting tourist to share the incredible place they have called home for centuries. 

The desert here is unlink any where else in the world. Bright red sand piles high creating impressive sand dunes only to be dwarfed by the large rock formations that jut out of the ground towards the sky. If you manage to find yourself alone atop one of the many look outs here, you will truly feel like you are on mars. 



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