Two Halves make a Whole

Whether I'm exploring the hills of Buda or grabbing a drink in Pest, there is something about Budapest that I love. The city has an energy about it that I get excited about every time I arrive. From Sziget Music festival in August, to parties at the ruin bars and spa club on the weekends, Budapest is a fun city for backpacking.


Theres plenty to see and do during the day also.  ​From the Parliament Building along the banks of the Danube, to the Buda Castle and Chainlink Bridge. The city is compact enough to explore by foot and easy enough to walk in that it's an enjoyable way to explore. If you ever need to relax after a full day of exploring, look for one of the many thermal baths around the city. The most famous one being Széchenyi. Budapest is also famous for having affordable Michelin Star restaurants so treat yourself while sticking to a budget. 



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