Home to the famous Oktoberfest!

Lederhosen and Dirndl's, Bier and Schnitzels, all images that come to mind when thinking of the famous Oktoberfest beer festival held at the end of September and early weeks of October. If this is what has drawn you to Munich then get ready to lose your voice singing from table tops as you chug beers alongside new friends from all reaches of the world. 

Don't forget to take a break from drinking beer to explore the other sites Munich has to offer. Stroll along Marienplatz and stumble onto Le Clou (Freddie Mercury's local bar), climb the stairs of St. Peters church for the iconic view over the city. For a unique experience in a land locked city make your way to Eisbachwelle to watch the urban surfers on the year-round wave created in the channel.

Anything Goes In the Capital

The city boosts something for all types of travelers. History fans can embark on one of the many free walking tours of the city, though imagination will be required for many of the sites which now lay buried or destroyed. The city also hosts a range of nightlife options for all types, free art galleries, and range of diverse foods to choose from.  

Hostels are located in many of the neighborhoods of Berlin so research which vibe you are going for and there should be an option available. Backpackers be warned though, in summer hostel accommodations can go quickly. I suggest not waiting till the last minute to look for a place. 



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